Where is the love?

March 25th, 2010

Having done a quick sample on a number of dating and matrimonial sites including the likes of match.com and shaadi.com we were quite alarmed to find the exorbitant amount these cold-hearted anti-romantics were charging people basically just for an email address or contact information. Worse yet, there are even some males and females on these sites that value someone paying to get in touch with them (because it shows committment they reckon).

Here at Free Love Movement we like to encourage original thought and creativity. Why not leave your potential Prince/ Princess Charming a little poem with some clue about who you are and how to get in touch. Better yet, you could even create something funky online and leave a hint for them in your profile about how to find it on the net. Yes, it does take much longer than paying your $60 to leave a message but what a nice way to differentiate yourself and make the whole experience so much more memorable if you wind up together?

So come one people – do it, get creative – DO NOT PAY FOR LOVE!

Make love not war!

November 26th, 2008

The recent events with the Cholera crisis in Zimbabwe is taking its toll – even on South Africans who are experiencing the spillage of the epidemic well into its own borders. We’ve read much commentary from politicians, journalists, and the like and it’s looking increasingly unlikely that Mugabe will step down through diplomatic channels.

There is a great link to Gift of the Givers – they are coordinating some humanitarian aid effort with respect to the Cholera crisis – you can find the donation details on Wonkie cartoon blog … please donate and help if you can.

Bring love through humour

November 6th, 2008

Make love not war is quite a cliche – Wonkie takes it all to the next level though: make laugh not war – coverage of the US elections and the anti-war sentiment expressed by many Americans in cartoon format has been a blast – check out the site for the latest on election news, Obama’s win of the 2008 US elections and related commentary.

There is also a cartoon strip called Viva South Africa you’ll want to check out if you’re from South Africa or SADC (Zimbabwe, Botswana etc) – good local cartoon content for Julius Malema jokes by South African cartoonist Sizwe as well!

Free Love Movement – helping You get in touch

March 15th, 2008

The FreeLoveMovement together with UNHA* has developed a new technology that enables you to contact anyone you’ve seen on any dating or matrimonial website for absolutely free! Intrigued – go on.. leave us a quick note below and tell us which website you’d like us to add to the list! For some comic entertainment in the meantime, check out Wonkie

* UNHA – United Nations Hippy Association

… because you shouldn’t have to pay for love!